Hi there! I'm Meg.
 Photography has been my passion for over 5 years now. I received my Associates Degree from Pasadena City College in 2018 in Arts and Humanities. I completed a year at California State University of Fullerton and now I'm working towards obtaining a Bachelor's in Photography at Cal State Northridge. 
I perceive this life in series of images, moments, milestones. Sometimes I find it hard to come in term with the disappearing reality, a world which is constantly turning in one direction. Photography is the only way which I can stop the world from turning, capture the real, the raw, the instant which won't repeat ever again. 
Photography has changed the way I view the world around me. I started appreciating every light ray and shadow, every curve and corner, nature and architecture. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Instagram: @meg.a.foto

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